Do you work with too many tools which generate too much chaos?


Because every app is mostly good at one thing, it’s a real challenge to find the perfect suite of collaboration tools on the market.

We tried a lot of app combinations in order to achieve maximum efficiency, but without being fully satisfied that we found the perfect solution.

Our search ended when we came across, a recently launched app with a very promising future.

We started with the free version. Despite being free, is a very well designed version, allowing us to use the platform at the full potential, the only limit being the number of components you can add to your workspace.

This gave us the freedom to start building the BizLabs wiki foundation right from the start, without any costs. Only after a couple of months of exploring Notion’s features with the free version, we needed to purchase.

Notion’s ability to bring together the functionality of a number of adequate, but sparsely used applications made our purchase decision to be without any doubt, the best choice.

Today, almost one year after we started working with Notion, we can honestly say that it’s the best tool we have came across for creating, planning, organizing and managing a personal/professional knowledge base.

Notion’s continuous grow and improvements never ceased to amaze us, since they provided us a fully customizable, ultra flexible, intuitive use and best team wiki experience application on the market! 

With Notion, all your work is in one place:


  • Notes and Documents – A simple and beautiful writing experience
  • Knowledge Base – Turning bulk knowledge into easy to find answers
  • Tasks & Projects – Increase productivity by using list views, calendars and Kanban boards
  • Lightweight CRM – Basic database by using customizable tables


Available for Mac, Windows, Mobile (Android and iPhone) and Web, you can use it from quite anywhere.

To sum it up, brought us from chaos to order.

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We have no commercial agreement with Notion, just super fans.

Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.